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Retail's Going Green! Lowering the Cost of Energy Usage

Retailers are looking at their carbon footprint in stores, their supply chains and in the manufacturing of their products. There are many ways to lower energy costs and improve their brand image with consumers.

A number of retailers have already taken steps to lower energy usage in stores. There are a range of proprietary systems, such as Building Automation Systems and black boxes that can be attached to specific energy consuming systems that have made promises to lower energy costs by 10 – 20 %. Some of these systems have achieved the promises of their manufacturer, others have not.

Our Energy Management System, Eniscope, provides a range of benefits that translate into lowered energy usage and lowered costs that are not available in any of the proprietary systems. It is a game changer!

our energy management system Eniscope

Make MKL your friends with benefits through Energy Management System, Eniscope!

Our Energy Management System, Eniscope, can:

  1. Connect to a wide range of systems that consumes energy in the store
  2. Monitor, measure, analyse and manage those systems to lower energy costs
  3. Relay the data from those systems to application in a data centre or a Network Operations Centre (NOC) for further analysis, correlations between systems, fault detection and diagnosis and a Scoreboard to enable greater control of energy usage and costs

Access to Energy Utilising Systems In-Store

Most systems that use energy in a retail setting have proprietary interfaces and these interfaces are often different, both in protocol and data format. Eniscope has been developed to be able to connect to these systems and normalise the data they transmit. Once the data is read and normalised it can be analysed and instructions can be sent back to the system to control it.

An Energy Management System that can access, monitor and manage existing systems, enables you to highlight opportunities for lowering energy usage. How many devices and subsystems in your retail setting could be using less energy? Let us help you find out!

networking - heads inside ventilation
"What image best represents us, energy networks and retail store ventilation costs?" John said to Mark.

Eniscope in Numbers

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application access to full range of data - cables

Application Access to a Full Range of Data from the Stores

Connecting to energy consuming systems in the store is only half the battle. Having an open interface to applications that can further capture and correlate data to increase potential savings and lower energy usage provides an additional dimension to our Energy Management System, Eniscope.

The ability to connect to any device is limited if you are not able to take the information to applications that can:

  • Provide a scorecard that illustrates energy usage and patterns
  • Correlate between systems so that, for example, heating and cooling systems that are juxtaposed can be optimised
  • Correlate historical data on systems so you can act before the systems start to deteriorate to lower energy usage and extend the life of the system

If you only add systems or devices to a black box or a BAS you won’t be able to use their information in the ways described above. What are the possibilities for energy savings in your stores through this expanded use of information?

Future Proof Your Energy Decisions

With Eniscope you will be able to determine your energy usage, find new ways to reduce energy usage, find new ways to reduce costs and be flexible to meet the changes the future will bring.

Energy Management for Retail products:

Integrated Services Router (ISR):

Scalable, multipurpose functionality enables an Energy Management System to run on a secure, reliable network.

Network Building Mediator:

Enables two-way communication over an IP network between applications and all of the sensors, devices, and other energy consuming systems within a store or facility.

Eniscope is installed globally In blue-chip companies, including:

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Who is doing it already?

The proof is in the (Yorkshire) pudding. Take a look at these glowing reviews of our technology.

chris coath - ng bailey
Chris Coath
NG Bailey

"Having had experience with a wide range of hardware solutions in the past I can say with confidence that Eniscope is the most innovative. The advances already made in designing a small, powerful and very easy to install product puts you at the forefront of the market."

roberto flores - consultant to ibm
Roberto Flores
Technical Consultant to IBM

"At one of the largest airports in South America, the operators needed to comply with ambitious energy reduction goals... Eniscope was the chosen platform to provide the flexibility, cost and ease-of-use to measure 1,417 circuits and to identify energy leaks."

eugene goh - seido solutions
Eugene Goh
Seido Solutions

"Eniscope has been a real game changer for us and allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other FM providers. In fact, in many cases the energy management program we implement using Eniscope more than pays for the FM services we provide."