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Mechanical & Electrical IoT

MKL Innovation are an M&E IoT company, but what does that mean? It’s actually so much simpler (and sexy) than it sounds. Please allow us to de-mystify it for you.

We all acknowledge that maintenance of assets (such as boilers, air con, etc.) has to be done. It is a necessary evil that often brings frustration.

Imagine if you could remove that pain from your operation, know exactly which equipment requires maintenance (and more importantly, which doesn’t), predict when the equipment will fail (and react accordingly), never have paperwork missed or late, never have a sick engineer, or have your scheduled maintenance delayed due to bad weather or any other eventuality, and be 100% sure on your return on investment!


We're proud to say we're regulated, certified and accredited by the below organisations.

Planned Preventative Maintenance

So we know this is not sexy, but, assets that are properly maintained have lower running costs, have valid warranties and are less likely to conk out (technical term 😉).

This has to be done, so let’s rock this joyful task off your to-do list together.

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planned predictive maintenance - calendar watch
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Fixing Things

And if they do conk out? Call us.

Our engineers are fully qualified and highly skilled, and (in the nicest possible way) we have been round the block a few times: there is nothing that your commercial boiler, air conditioning units or HVAC can throw at us that we have not dealt with before.

Rest assured we will do everything in our power to get you back up and running, pronto. And just like The A-team we have your backs; we can be your reactive 24/7 back-up team (funky clothes and hair are a chargeable extra 😉

Call the A-Team!

Predictive Maintenance

We use our M&E IoT solution to take the guessing game out of maintenance. Our tech will calculate which elements of your business are likely to break down and when— and which aren’t.

Bottom-line: this saves you money and keeps your business churning. It is the smart approach and we have worked really hard to create a product that gives you that rock star feeling without any of the complexity.

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Tips from our IoT Experts:

Yes we're busy, but we're not too busy to help you with the important things in life!

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Air Conditioning - the most important maintenance task is to routinely replace or clean the filters. Also coils can get dirty; check the coil regularly to avoid any down time.

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HVAC - schedule in regular maintenance, change filters regularly, check ductwork for leaks, clean and inspect the system often. Keep the area around the unit clear, check carbon monoxide detectors and set systems at optimal temperatures.

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IoT abstract animation
What the devil is IoT!?
The Internet of Things

"IoT, in this case, basically means connecting all your assets together digitally— so you can keep a robust eye on how they are behaving in your operation. It's simpler than it sounds."

You’ll have a dashboard where you can see all your key assets with all their critical stats. If your boiler is pulling too much power or your heating system is running too hot, our sensors and solution can tell you. It really is a powerful tool to transform your operation.

The amazing thing about IoT is the possibilities are literally endless. There are hundreds and hundreds of different sensors, for every part of your business. It can blow your mind when you really get into it. Any bit of operational data that you want to know, you can know.

However; we are down-to-earth Northerners. We are not here to razzle and dazzle you and sell an unachievable dream— we like to keep it real. We know that just the name "IoT" can be confusing, and where to start is often the biggest challenge for our customers. So, we have developed a real-world solution that allows you to give IoT a go— in a pain-free way.

So pain-free in fact, that we don’t even ask you to pay for one of our exciting upcoming products if you have a maintenance plan with us.