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Energy Management Services for Manufacturers

"Simply put, you need a system that can enable you to make informed decisions, with real time data and alarms for actions to be taken. You may have little to no insight into your production line's power usage. Subsequently, you'll certainly want to gain visibility and seek opportunities to maximise production margins using our specialist EMS solutions." - Mark Parker

This is what we promise all of our Manufacturing Energy Management clients:
Improve Understanding

Improve understanding of energy use within the Client facility and establish precise measurement of real-time energy usage

Identify Power Use

Identify the power use of the production lines currently in operation (that constitutes 95% of the power consumed)

Identify Energy Use

Identify energy use at each stage of the process (mixing, extrusion, heating and packaging)

Monitor Air & Water

Monitor the additional supply of air and water usage, on a volume/flow basis

Map Energy Use

Map location energy use against current consumption meter

Bill Validation

Perform bill validation on energy spend. Ensuring you only pay for the energy you use

Data Provision

Provide data to understand energy use per tonne of product manufacture (kWh per tonne)

Automated Alerts

Provide automated alerting for critical parts of the production line process

Business Benefits

The above gives you several pointers as to how our software can benefit your business. The applications of this are endless and the opportunities to build a more energy efficient and monetarily efficient business are right at your fingertips.

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Rapid implementation of complete all-in-one energy solution
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Minimal requirement to upgrade existing systems and infrastructure
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Enables seamless integration of data-producing sensors and devices
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Real-time alerts that enable quick operational decision making
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Insight into equipment performance enabling predictive maintenance
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Energy saving - pure and simple - whatever your organisation's motive
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Energy consumption profiling leads to lower energy usage
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Proactive and predictive maintenance - don't wait until you've seen the wastage!

Eniscope is installed globally In blue-chip companies, including:

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