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Here’s the situation, the FM landscape is changing with every passing year. Gone are the days of FMs fulfilling purely a mechanical and electrical role; the remit of FM companies is expanding. It was only a matter of time before energy management became an unavoidable, undeniable part of that. You know this, but are you prepared for what comes next?

Already, new tenders are being lost and won on energy management credentials. Client requirements are beginning to include unavoidable energy reduction targets. Client expectations for their FM company are shifting to include energy expertise; the ability for that FM provider to not only monitor and analyse energy levels across whole portfolios, but comment, report, make recommendations and take direct action. Very soon, there won’t be a new client available that doesn’t require energy expertise.

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What can be achieved:
Reduction of Energy Consumption

Helping the environment, your clients and your value proposition - what more could you want?

Why it is often not:
Retrospective Information

Working off data that is weeks or months old isn't going to cut it anymore! You need it in real-time!

In-Depth Analysis

Analysing your data to make sense of the noise, is key to making improvements.

Unavailability of Specialist Tools

Our software and hardware is cutting edge - keeping you ahead of the competition.

Deliver Vital Financial Benefits

Your clients want to see the impact on their wallets, let's be honest - we can deliver!

Off-putting Upfront Installation Costs

Don't worry about scary upfront costs - we've got that sorted - talk to us about our system!

Key Stats

Non-domestic energy prices up 253% since 2004


Predicted growth in the global Business Energy Management Systems (BEMS) market


Reliance on imported energy up to 38% net import in 2015


Why Work With Us?

We're passionate about what we do - saving energy in a way that's good for businesses. It's important to us to do our bit and at the same time we get to work with incredible technologies and deal with awesome companies like yourselves.

We've got an impressive track record of going above and beyond for our clients and we'd love to prove it with you!

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Second by second energy consumption data
Save Money Icon Black


Clearly prove your savings to your clients.
Energy leaks Icon Black


Identify invisible energy leaks and accurately test.
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Easily integrate our software with your CAFM solution.
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Cutting-edge, easy to install on-site hardware.
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Infinitely scalable solution with one master dashboard.

What's the cost?

We've got a couple of options that might tickle your pickle...

Pass The Cost On

"The Perfect Up-Sell"

Choice #1

All the benefits of providing an energy element to your service, but with zero cost.

With our help, you can convince your clients of the need for the Eniscope and associated services, then purchase and sell on the product ‘Just In Time’ (JIT).

That way, you only pay us when you have a client who wants the service and you immediately recoup your costs.

I love to upsell!

Absorb The Cost

"No Up-Front Costs"

Choice #2

The more popular choice; you can fully adopt the Eniscope hardware and software into your operation.

Purchase the equipment in whatever quantity suits your client portfolio. We’ll integrate our software into your management systems and you’ll be able to offer energy management whenever and wherever you need.

Expert, accurate energy management ceases to be an up-sell and becomes part of your standard offering.

I love absorbing costs!

Eniscope is installed globally In blue-chip companies, including:

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Eniscope in Numbers

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Data Points Per Month
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Metering Points

Who is doing it already?

The proof is in the (Yorkshire) pudding. Take a look at these glowing reviews of our technology.

Chris Coath - NG Bailey - Profile Photo
Chris Coath
NG Bailey

"Having had experience with a wide range of hardware solutions in the past I can say with confidence that Eniscope is the most innovative. The advances already made in designing a small, powerful and very easy to install product puts you at the forefront of the market."

Roberto Flores - IBM Technical Consultant - Profile Photo
Roberto Flores
Technical Consultant to IBM

"At one of the largest airports in South America, the operators needed to comply with ambitious energy reduction goals... Eniscope was the chosen platform to provide the flexibility, cost and ease-of-use to measure 1,417 circuits and to identify energy leaks."

Eugene Goh - Seido Solutions - Profile Photo
Eugene Goh
Seido Solutions

"Eniscope has been a real game changer for us and allowed us to differentiate ourselves from other FM providers. In fact, in many cases the energy management program we implement using Eniscope more than pays for the FM services we provide."

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