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Energy Management Services

By far one of the biggest costs in your organisation is energy usage. At MKL Innovation, we know that saving energy is important for your P&L, and of course it has the added benefit of being better for the environment...great for your business’s green agenda!

However, energy usage is difficult to track at a granular level, and action planning to reduce energy spend can be extremely slow to show any commercial return. MKL Innovation believes that clearly seeing how and where your energy is being used, provides the starting point to reduce your energy cost.

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How does it work?

We use a state-of-the-art product called Eniscope to provide accurate real-time metered consumption data.

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8 three-phase metering points, 8 pulse inputs, 8 temperature inputs and multiple Modbus-compatible device interfaces.

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Easy Installation

The compact, plug and play system can be easily installed by a qualified engineer, instantly providing real-time data on energy consumption.

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Historical Analytics

Historical data can be accessed and analysed, at one-minute resolution via the Eniscope Analytics, again, from any device.

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Retrospective Analytics

Data can be viewed in real-time on any computer, or across a range of mobile devices, from anywhere in the world.

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Regular Updates

Eniscope has been engineered to allow continuous, remote improvements and upgrades via the cloud.

The Hardware

Eniscope is a compact plug-and-play system, easily and safely installed by our skilled electricians - boasting an average install time of just 3 hours.

Our system offers 8 three-phase metering points, with physical connectivity for further temperature and pulse inputs, and wireless connectivity for a range of proprietary wireless IoT (Internet of Things) sensors.

Connect seamlessly to incumbent meters (e.g. gas and water) and feed data into your current BMS or CAFM solution, with ease via our API.

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The Software

View data anywhere in real-time using Eniscope Analytics. Access our cloud-based system to easily manipulate data and take advantage of intelligent alarms to inform your actions on site.

And with one intuitive analytics platform, you don’t have to live with scattered, disparate information any more. Enjoy an infinitely scalable solution - capable of collating second-by-second data from thousands of locations in real-time.

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