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To really put our money where our mouth is - we created a sexy (or should we say CX-y?!) new business unit completely focused around Customer Experience (CX). We have a full Customer Experience Strategy which is heavily entwined with our Corporate Strategy, and owned by our Customer Excellence Team.

Our CX business unit also contains a Customer Experience Consulting Arm called MKL CX. Not only do we practice great CX for our own customers, we can support you with providing the same with your customers at competitive rates.

Our MKL CX business unit and consulting arm are headed up by our Chief Customer Officer, Sharon who was voted in the top 25 Customer Experience Influencers in the UK for 2021.

We can create you a CX Strategy, vision and plan, then support you with delivery of projects, culture enhancement and embedding – the full lifecycle if required. We lead workshops, training, coaching and full journey mapping or voice of the customer collation. Whatever you need, however you need it, in the easiest way. We use lemons as part of our MKL CX branding as we really do want it all to be ‘easy-peasy’. No friction, no hassle. Removal of pain points for your customers and employees.

What sets us apart at MKL CX?

We run ‘White Pumpkin’ events. ‘White’ because they are all about a blank canvas to see (or design) nothing but the full experiences that your employee and customers are receiving. ‘Pumpkin’, because of the transformative nature of the events (think Cinderella here!). We are always able to find an element that will simplify, add consistency or delight to the experience. Often several.

At the event, we simulate the customer journey as closely as possible to real life, with your teams. This is perfect for experiencing a current set of customer interactions, or designing/redesigning a customer proposition.

We use simple props, record and map the experience as we go. We encourage leaders to step into employee or customer shoes in every interaction and feel every emotion – this is really where the magic happens! Then we run through what we’ve all learned and how to simplify, delight and add consistency. Stepping into the customer’s shoes in this way can be a real catalyst for your CX initiatives and sponsorship. It works just as well at exec level as it does at customer facing level.


How does it work?

These events are normally offsite, where your teams can fully immerse themselves in the full customer experience, but we can also come to you. If you would like to make a day of it - we can also provide training sessions, customer focused presentations/speaking events or we can leave you be, to have your own team sessions, whilst we wrap up the learnings and customer journey maps for you.

The same set ups that we use for designing and revising an experience, we can also use for training your future team. We can roleplay your whole customer experience, practicing and embedding your practices in a safe way, so they are then ‘real customer’ ready. Whether this is checking a customer into a hotel or a car dealership, practicing table service at a restaurant or greeting a customer on an airport helpdesk (either remotely or face to face), we can work with any sector. It’s a great way to work any kinks out without a ‘real’ customer being on the receiving end!

As well as being experienced in CX and EX, we also have an eye for efficiency (we are Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certified) and will find areas of your customer journey that could be made more effective, which often cuts costs and helps towards the RoI of any CX projects – a win-win.


Accessible to all, easy to understand

One of the key parts of our Customer Strategy is a programme of work to make Iot (Internet of Things) - accessible to all, easy to understand, applicable in the real world and a game changer for companies. Allowing them to understand their operational data and energy data, to become more efficient and hit their energy and carbon zero targets. Sustainable innovation is important to our customers, so its important to us.

Our culture is to simplify, support and bring the customer with us. The programme is called IoTsy - (think Iot = easy) and a whole IoT platform along with an ‘IoT in a box’ product which is purely based around ease for IoT customers and CX in tech. We couple this with a strong media presence to educate and debunk tech myths; and back it up with customer and employee training.

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In our own business, we journey map for every unique customer, identifying Customer and Employee pain points along the way, and removing complexity for both. This is a key part of customer onboarding, we share this with every tech customer, and make it clear that we want their experience with us to be as easy as possible. Every single install is managed this way, and our engineers are onboarded signing up to our customer behaviours, from the off. They are even written in engineer style banter - but with a very clear CX foundation. I can imagine you won’t see ‘wash your bum’ in any other customer facing behaviours - but this is our cheeky way of saying be presentable and keep the standards high when visiting customer sites. It represents us - and our customer centric (but fun!) culture.


MKL culture and CX strategy!

We have become known for Customer Experience in Tech (which is great to see, as this is pure MKL culture and CX strategy!) and we have recently delivered training sessions at a £multi-billion turnover company all about CX in Tech. You'll also find many podcasts and articles published by us and we are currently penning a book on the very subject – keep your eyes peeled for full throttle CX-y-ness! We truly want to live and breathe CX in Tech - and will keep checking ourselves against our Customer Strategy and upping our game!!

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In 2020, we had a chapter published in a global best-selling CX book called Customer Experience 2. This outlined how MKL built our CX strategy and how you can do the same (or we can do this for you!). In 2021, we decided to throw our hat into the ring for a second time, and Customer Experience 3 has also been published (find both on Amazon) with our chapter written about living your own customer journey - something we absolutely believe in here – which is what our White Pumpkin events are ALLLLL about!
Want to know more about our CX programmes or our CX Consulting Arm, and how it can help you; as well as rate cards, previous projects and what we're currently up to?