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Commercial Energy Management

Monitor buildings, control energy and reduce costs using our British-designed hardware and software. A single solution for your entire portfolio.

We can optimise buildings globally, by harnessing the power of the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). We'll forge a built environment that is more energy-efficient, more sustainable and more pleasing to work and live in.

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Q. How can you control, reduce and eliminate energy waste?

Thousands of calculations carried out per second, giving real time data

A. With our British-made all-in-one solution called the "Eniscope", of course!
Central Control

Monitor Electricity, Gas* & Water*... Everything you need in one convenient location.


No software required. Use any web-browser from any location.


A Return on Investment of less than one year is easily achievable.


Add more meters or new Eniscope compatible devices at your convenience.

Plug & Play

Simple installation supported by free remote upgrades.

How can you be sure which strategies are working best?

Eniscope Real-time does what a utility bill can’t; it shows you exactly where your energy is going, second by second. Make a change and it will reveal the immediate effect - for better or for worse.

The information is displayed in a language you will understand, be it kW’s, Cost or Carbon. Now you can monitor individual pieces of equipment, isolate energy leaks, expose energy abusers and even check the effectiveness of energy saving products, all in real-time.

At the end of the month it’s too late to change what you’ve wasted… Our cutting-edge technology puts a stop to energy wastage now!

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Genuine real-time performance delivers real-time savings
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Email & SMS* alerts prevent excessive use
Check Claims of Products Icon Black and White
Check the claims of energy saving products & equipment
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Real-time graphing reveals your pattern of consumption
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Keep track on the move with our smart phone app
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Infinitely scalable solution with one master dashboard.

Eniscope is installed globally In blue-chip companies, including:

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Who is doing it already?

The proof is in the (Yorkshire) pudding. Take a look at these glowing reviews of John and I and our technology.

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Northern Gas & Power
Gateshead, UK

“We have used MKL Innovation since they started up for electrical installation, system commissioning and IT networking services. MKL consistently work to a very high standard, are proactive in their approach.”

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SEE Services
Essex, UK

"I just wanted to thank you for the work you’ve done for us and to let you know that both myself & SEE Services are very happy with the work that MKL Innovation have done for us. From the large commercial EICR’s, the associated remedial works and electrical Installation works."

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Luton, UK

"Mark, John and their team are a joy to work with. They are professional and incredibly hardworking, yet they bring laughter along to every meeting. These guys are really high calibre people!"

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Too busy to talk? No problem. Fire us off a quick email and we'll get back to you in full.

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Eniscope in Numbers

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Billion Data Points Per Month
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Metering Points

*SMS alerts are the responsibility of the end user and will require the purchase of a separate email to SMS service from a local provider. Each SMS will be charged at the current rate agreed by you and your service provider.