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About the Founders

MKL Innovation is a family business...

Honesty, trust, respect and encouragement are how MKL Innovation partners with each of their clients.

From an early age, it was clear that Mark and John were very close, from bike riding adventures, going on the annual pilgrimage to the family caravan, to mastering every console from the Amstrad to the PS4, they’ve always been together.

John is what we call an 'exciter'. He’s a real people person and has always been very hands on, pulling things part and building them back up into weird and wonderful things. Whereas Mark is the 'deep thinker', he has always been the one who loves a mental challenge, particularly relishing any opportunity labelled as 'can't be done'!

Meet the family
Step Brothers Gif Still Step Brothers Gif

Naturally, like all brothers, competition is rife between the two, and what better way to build on this than to go into business together!

Our Team

These are the people that make MKL Innovation just so innovative!

MKL John Parker
John Parker
Brother #1

An accredited IET member, John has over 20 years of facilities management experience working with blue chip organisations to enable them to save costs, optimise and future proof their organisations. John founded PAR Facilities which had a strong reputation for delivering electrical compliance with organisations such as Asda, Primark, Boots and ISS, PAR Facilities subsequently experienced YoY growth of 25%.

MKL Mark Parker
Mark Parker
Brother #2

Mark is skilled at leading large change programmes from conception to completion. Graduating with a Master’s from Cambridge University; Mark specialises in Transformation and Change Delivery and has over ten years experience within large retail, hospitality and professional services organisations such as Costa Coffee, Premier Inn, Beefeater, KFC, McDonalds, Subway, Frankie & Bennys, Chiquitos, Waitrose, Shell and BP.

Our Services

These services are our bread and butter. They're the sheets between which we do our magic, creating a sort of technological Sugarpuff sandwich of energy saving and improved efficiency.

The IoT Bee

Introducing Binary Bee, our IoT mascot!

  1. We think in Binary! The binary here matches that on the ‘M’ of our logo and represents the ‘digital’ aspect.
  2. Our bee’s body is a cog and the bolt heads are eyes, symbolising the ‘mechanical’ and 'maintenance' aspect of our IoT. The antennae are for the ‘electrical’ (E) aspect of M&E IoT and our backbone is electrical compliance.
  3. Our bee’s feet are capital I's. These stand for "Innovation" which is the cornerstone of MKL.
  4. The honeycomb wings represent the IoT network, and how all of our sensors work independently but also in perfect harmony, connecting back to the stack (hive) seamlessly.
About the animated IoT Bee
  1. Our customers and partners are the bee’s knees, and we treat them as such. The arms represent our can-do attitude toward service. We always deliver.
  2. The body of the bee represents us as a team. Our culture is what makes us successful and we work incredibly hard with common goals, exactly like the colony does.
  3. The ‘Y’, represents the clear strategy that we lead with, just like the queen bee. We are always thinking ahead, and disrupting the sector.
  4. Bee’s are incredibly efficient, and are crucial to our food chain, ecosystem and community. They perfectly represent our drive for sustainability and energy reduction.

Customer Testimonials

Evidence of our hard work, passion and innovation can be found in the glowing testimonials found below.

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IoT Connections
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